Paws 'n' Claws
Fundrasing Championship Show

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Paws n Claws Rescue

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to you all for the lack of communication regarding this show, this has been due to the recent loss of my best friend, my world and my soul my horse Tia.
Thank you for all you kind messages and facebook posts.  
the show has no been confirmed please check out other pages for infomation



We have decided to run a series of events to raise money for Paws n Claws.


Paws n Claws is an organisation dedicated to the rescue, short term foster and permanent re-homing of all types of animals.

Unwanted animals are found new homes through the careful matching of animals to the approppriate family. Owners new and old are provided with support and guidance if required.

The rescue is run by a small dedicated group of volunteers, with a love of animals, who give there time and devotion to each needy animal. Urgent cases that come into our are are fostered until they are well enough to go to a new permanent home.


As Paws n claws is a completey volunteers, they rely on generosity of there supporters to helps then fund the work of the rescue. Many animals that come into thier care have suffered abuse or neglect and often require expensive veterinary treatment.


Being a voluntary organisation, funds have to be raised through donations and fundraising activities. At present donations they recieve are barely sufficent, they need to raise additional funds to develop their work further. All monies raised are used to rescue and re-home/rehabilitate unwanted animals. Feel free to look at the website if you can help in anyway!